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What is included in house washing service?

We offer two different packages.  Premium and basic.  Each package includes the cleaning of surfaces from ground to gutter.  Siding, fascia, gutter exteriors, trim, and other surfaces in these areas are cleaned with our soft wash solution.  The soft wash solution is applied with low pressure and we rinse off using water with low pressure.  In some cases we will use a pressure washer on a low setting to clean brick/masonry or unpainted concrete surfaces as needed.  The premium house washing package includes detailed exterior window cleaning. The basic house washing package includes the rinsing of the windows (will not be 100% crystal clear). 

Why do I need to have house/building washing services?

The exterior surfaces are among the first thing that people see.  However, many people usually overlook the importance of having a clean exterior.  Having your windows regularly cleaned can make a big difference.  

How much does house washing cost?

The price of the house washing service depends on a number of factors including: The number of stories, amount of build-up, type of siding,  the square footage of the home, and accessibility.  Our estimating software will provide you an instant estimate based on the above factors.  If you have vinyl siding then our online estimating forms/system will provide you an estimate.  If you have a different type of siding then we will provide you a quote through our office.  Call us at 425-290-8635 during normal business hours. Our email for your free no obligation estimate. 

How often should I have house washing?

Environmental conditions and your preference will determine how often you should have your homes exterior cleaned.  Most customers have their house exteriors cleaned every 2-3 years as part of regular maintenance. 

Do I have to be home for the service?

You don’t have to be present for your house wash service unless there are pets that need to be put up or areas that you need to provide access to.  Or if we need to clean the inside windows, as we will need access into the home.  That said, if you would prefer to be there while we clean your home that’s just fine with us too.  Know that unlike other companies our workers are not independent contractors. Each worker is an employee of Chinook Services and is in uniform. The crews arrive in marked service vehicles and are respectful. 

Are you insured?

We carry liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance. 

What is the water fed pole/brush system that you use to clean the windows after the siding and other surfaces?

Water Fed Window / Solar panel cleaning poles are a great way to make your cleaning quick and efficient. ... Generally, the pure water is pushed up the pole and out between the bristles. Then, the pure water flowing on the surface is agitated to remove the dirt. The pure water collects and drags the dirt off the surface.

Do you offer a warranty/guarantee? 

Yes, we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Frequently Asked Questions - House/Building Washing