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Chinook Services is a state licensed general contractor.  Fully licensed, bonded, and insured.  Providing handyman and maintenance services for residential, commercial, and multi-family properties.  

 $125.00 charge for first hour of service. This is our minimum.   We ask for payment for this service in advance or at the start of the appointment.  Our expert technician will look over what's needed and provide you an estimate. Additionally, the technician will take measurements and get material lists started during this time if you accept our estimate.  If you are not ready or decline the estimate then we will only charge the $125.00 minimum fee. 


First tier- $108.00 per hour: Advanced jobs example electrical/plumbing repairs

Second tier - $95.00 per hour:  Semi advanced/specialty for example siding repairs/roof repairs

Third tier- $85.00 per hour:  Semi advanced.  Example paint and drywall repairs

Fourth tier- $75.00 per hour:  general non advanced labor for example trash removal, yard work etc.

$125.00 minimum (some exceptions made on a case by case basis)

10% veterans/senior discounts

We provide a wide range of repairs and handyman services including but not limited to:  Drywall, painting, minor electrical/plumbing, minor furnace/AC repairs, fencing, siding, roofing, small deck repairs, junk removal, honey "do" lists, property/house updates, etc.  Let us know if you have any questions.  We are known for thinking out of the box and creating great value to our customers every day!

Use Use the lower form to recieve instant estimates for house maintenance.  We do not provide handyman instant estimates.  We charge hourly for handyman and the price list above are our current standard rates